Conducting Masterclass with Prof. Ekhart Wycik

February 24 – March 02, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria


Application deadline January 10, 2024*

We are excited to present Professor Ekhart Wycik’s masterclass for professional conductors and advanced conducting students. A maximum of 12 active participants will have podium time of approximately 130 minutes each.

Individual coachings for each active participant in front of the orchestra are the core of the class. Additional video analysis sessions deepen the learning experience. Class meetings and discussions on Conducting and rehearsal techniques, body language, preparing and understanding the score, and historical and academical backgrounds complete the studies.

Participants will have the opportunity to create their own publicity video recording during two recording sessions on the last day of the masterclass.

Masterclass Fees:

  • Application fee: €75 (non-refundable)
  • Course fee for active participants: €1750
  • Course fee for passive participants: €300
  • Deposit: €900 payable due January 25, 2024,
  • Balance: €850 payable due February 20, 2024, or in cash on the first day of the masterclass.

Please note that these fees DO NOT include travel and accommodation. However, we are happy to recommend an affordable hotel in Sofia with which we have had good experience in the past years.

*The selection of the active participants will be communicated via email within seven days after the application deadline.

The organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the masterclass in case of force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances such as governments restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel bans, etc. The organizer will immediately notify participants of such changes and will refund the paid fee in full in case of event cancelation. Participants may not assert any compensation claims for travel, visa, accommodation costs, etc.

Prof. Ekhart Wycik

Ekhart Wycik is one of Europe’s most versatile conductors. His vast repertoire in both opera and concert genres, his stylistic versatility from the Baroque to the Contemporary, and his technical and communicative skills have made him a welcomed guest with orchestras and opera companies throughout Germany and Europe as well as internationally.

The conductor has appeared in concerts with major German orchestras including the Deutsches Sinfonie-Orchester (DSO) in Berlin, the Symphonic Orchestras of Frankfurt, Berlin, and Bochum, the North Germany Philharmonic Rostock, the Staatskapelle Halle, the Staatsorchester Darmstadt, and Saarbrücken’s and Cologne’s Radio Symphony Orchestras. International invitations came from orchestras in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Great Britain, Greece, Asia and the United States.

Being educated at the Robert Schumann University of Music/Düsseldorf and in Vienna, he started his career as classical Kapellmeister at several German Opera houses, was endorsed by the “Dirigentenforum” of the German Music Council and continued his studies with Heinz Rögner, Rolf Reuter, and Leif Segerstam. Together with his appointment as Associated General Music Director at Dortmund Opera House/Germany he became also Principal Guest Conductor at the Wichita Grand Opera, Kansas/USA and started conducting internationally (Glasgow, Seoul, Bolzano, Darmstadt, Athens, Innsbruck, Sarasota/Florida, amongst others).
In 2010, Wycik was appointed assistant professor for conducting at the Robert Schumann University of Music/Düsseldorf and assistant professor for opera studies at the Universtity of Music Cologne. In 2011, the Indiana University Bloomington/USA invited him for a guest professorship.
In 2015, Ekhart Wycik was appointed Music Director at the Festival Inese Galante, Rīga/Latvia. In Master Classes he has worked with young musicians in Germany, Austria, Korea, the Baltic States, the UK and the USA. At the finals of the 9. International Franz Liszt Piano competition, he jumped in for Christian Thielemann on short note, conducting all the Liszt works for piano solo and orchestra plus symphonic poems.
In 2016, Ekhart Wycik was appointed Professor of Orchestral Conducting at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT in Weimar/Germany, where he teaches in a team with Prof. Nicolás Pasquet. Students of the Weimar conducting class keep being successful in various positions in Germany and Europe.

Ludwig v. Beethoven
Symphony No. 4 in B♭ major, Op. 60 1+2 mvmt

Wolfgang A. Mozart
Symphony No 36 C major „Linz” (K 425), 1+2 mvmt
Symphony No 35 D major „Haffner” (K 385), 1+2 mvmt

Johannes Brahms
4. Symphony op 98, 1+4 mvmt
Haydn-Variations op 56a

Antonin Dvorák
9 Symphony ”New World” op 95, 1.+ 2. mvmt

Felix Mendelssohn
3. Symphony op 56 „Scottish”, 1+2 mvmt
Sommernachtstraum: Ouverture – Scherzo – Notturno

Carl Maria von Weber

24.02.2024, Saturday
19:00h First class meeting

25.02.2024, Sunday
10:00-12:30h Ensemble
14:00-16:30h Ensemble

26.02.2024, Monday
10:00-12:30h Full Orchestra
14:00-16:30h Full Orchestra

27.02.2024, Tuesday
10:00-12:30h Ensemble
14:00-16:30h Ensemble

28.02.2024, Wednesday
10:00-12:30h Full Orchestra
14:00-16:30h Full Orchestra

29.03.2024, Thursday
10:00-12:30h Full Orchestra
14:00-16:30h Full Orchestra

01.03.2024, Friday
10:00-12:30h Full Orchestra (video recording)
14:00-16:30h Full Orchestra (video recording)

02.03.2024, Saturday

Allegra Academy reserves the right to make changes to the rehearsals schedule and the programme at their discretion and taking in consideration the requirements of the professor.

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