Conducting Masterclass with Prof. Nicolás Pasquet Ruse 2020

Conducting Masterclass
with Prof. Nicolás Pasquet

Dear friends and colleagues,
Due to the current fast-growing spread of the Coronavirus and the restrictions of the Bulgarian government, we will not be able to proceed with the organization of the masterclass as scheduled in May. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the masterclass to some time between 10 – 25 July. The exact dates could be announced only after the government restrictions are lifted. We hope for your understanding. Please check our website for updates and follow us on Facebook.
Meanwhile, please stay healthy and positive!

Russe, Bulgaria
Eight days between July 10 and July 24, 2020.
The conducting masterclass is designed for professional conductors and advanced conducting students. There will be a maximum of 12 active participants, each of whom will have podium time of approximately 145 minutes. Besides the sessions with full orchestra, there will be conducting sessions with 2 pianos on the first two days. The individual needs of each participant will be addressed during coachings in front of the orchestra and video analysis sessions. Participants will explore conducting technique, presence in front of the orchestra, understanding of the score, and rehearsal techniques.

Masterclass Fees:
 The fee for the course is €1450 for active participants excluding travel, but including accommodation with breakfast (single room) in a centrally-located four-star hotel.

Application fee: €65 (non-refundable)*
Deposit: €800 payable via bank wire transfer upon acceptance 10 days after receiving an invitation letter.
Balance: €650 payable via bank wire transfer before the beginning of the masterclass, or in cash on the first day of the masterclass.

* We encourage and continue to accept applications at this time. In case of cancelation of the masterclass due to further government restrictions regarding Coronavirus, the application fee will be refunded.